Lost to Kentucky 71-63 in the third round of the NCAA tournament. | Team info


Lost to Baylor 82-68 in the second round of the NCAA tournament. | Team info

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What other people are saying...

small picture of Connie Taylor

WEST VIRGINIA ALL THE WAY!!! Let's Goooooooo Mountaineers!!!!! :

Connie Taylor on Mar. 15th at 10.23am

small picture of Delora DeBellis Hernandez

Let's GO!!!....

Delora DeBellis Hernandez on Mar. 15th at 10.21am

small picture of Bonnie Sell


Bonnie Sell on Mar. 15th at 10.13am

small picture of Carol Bates


Carol Bates on Mar. 15th at 10.06am

small picture of Lynn Lane Pickett

Backing you, MOUNTAINEERS!! (Already hoarse!!)

Lynn Lane Pickett on Mar. 15th at 9.57am

small picture of Jack Hamilton

WooHoo !!! Getem Bob !! Go EEERS!!!

Jack Hamilton on Mar. 15th at 9.56am

small picture of Sherry Palmer

LET'S Go MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry Palmer on Mar. 15th at 9.52am

small picture of Tim Blankenship

Play smart basketball, guys, and you can beat anyone! LET'S GO EEEERS!!!!!!!!

Tim Blankenship on Mar. 15th at 9.50am

small picture of Kristina Caplinger Ellis

You can do it! You can do it all night long!! GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!

Kristina Caplinger Ellis on Mar. 15th at 9.41am

small picture of Judy Davis

Let's go Mountaineers!!

Judy Davis on Mar. 15th at 9.40am



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